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Airbrush Face Painting

Our custom, modern airbrush system is designed specifically to accommodate big crowds. Faster painting means more satisfied customers! Be it face paint for a day or a temporary tattoo for a few weeks, no one does it better that us! Sponge & Brush Face Painters are also available.

Spin Tees

Prefect for any Event! Guests create their very own custom souvenir t-shirt that they get to take home! Spin Tees celebrate creativity and offer a lasting memory that can be worn proudly for years to come.

Spin Art

Take your artistic talent for a spin! Guests use our special paint to make organically original creations. Great for one or a few, each guest can add their own unique twist to each piece. It’s a whirlwind of fun!

Sand Art

Call us old-fashioned, but we can be sedimental. Life’s a beach with this classic event staple. Guests use special, colored sand to make unique, layered creations that quickly become quirky home decorations. We proudly use recycled containers to both entertain your guests and help the environment. We can provide special selections of sand, specially-themed to match your organization or event’s colors! Kids love Sand Art!

Sandy Candy

Sand art you can eat! Make delicious, colorful, edible masterpieces. We supply all of the candy, straws and caps. You supply the artistic vision for your colorful, delectable creation.


Talented artists draw your portrait! If things seem sketchy, don’t worry! Their distorted take on your personality is part of the fun! This classic event fixture will leave laughter and smiles on your guests’ comically-large faces.

Jumbo Games

Challenging and fun, these giant versions of childhood favorites such as Connect 4, Jenga and Checkers become a crowd-drawing attraction. Standing five times their traditional size, the excitement builds as competitors zero in on victory or defeat!

Mini Golf

The fun of put-put goes mobile with our Mini-Golf course. Score cards, tiny pencils, a club rental kiosk and nine holes of fun bring this classic family outing to any event! Each hole can be reimagined to fit any theme for your party or business!

Toy Brick Tables

We provide themed “toy brick” (wink-wink) tables and miniature figurine packages for kids to build and create their own popular worlds with their favorite characters! Guests get to keep miniature figurines and take home as party favors. How cool is that!

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